January 22, 2010

Levings, Hoeven sign continuance of tribal-state oil/gas tax agreement

Levings, Hoeven sign continuance of tribal-state oil/gas tax agreement

Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Marcus Levings and North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven last week signed documents continuing the state and tribal oil and gas tax agreement that was created to spur production of oil and gas on the Fort Berthold Reservation.
The signing took place Wednesday afternoon during a ceremony in the Three Affiliated Tribes headquarters building west of New Town.
“This agreement has helped open the doors to oil and gas exploration on the Fort Berthold Reservation, resulting in increased activity and revenue for the state and the tribes,” Hoeven said. “This increased activity will help provide economic development, jobs and revenue for the Three Affiliated Tribes and its members.”
Levings introduced Hoeven as a friend and partner since Day 1 in 2000 when he was elected governor. Levings called it a vision to work as a team to circumvent all the areas of delay and prohibition regarding oil and gas exploration on the reservation.
“Today in 2010, it’s more imperative than ever that the state and tribes cooperate for the benefit of all North Dakotans,” Levings said. “Our future as Native people is inextricably tied to that of other citizens in the great state of North Dakota. Together as both Indian and non-Indian people, we share in the unique position of being amongst one of the top five oil and gas producing states in the nation. This is definitely something to be proud of.”

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