March 1, 2018

License to thrill

Collector shares vehicle plates
By Edna Sailor
Raymond Grotte collects automobile license plates. Lots of them. He has a collection that he estimates between 600 or 700 at the present time.  Recently Grotte decided to share his collection with the residents off Lakeside Community Living Center where he works as an Environmental Tech. Grotte loaned license plate to residents in their own birth year.
Then photos were taken with the residents and their birth year license plate. John Niematelo scored the oldest plate with his birth date of 1916. The resident years ranged from John’s plate to 1957. The project was a hit at the center.
“I think the residents really enjoyed themselves. They really checked the plates out and it generated a lot of discussion about their own first cars. The residents had a lot of questions and I was surprised to learn that one resident had never even driven a car in her lifetime which is a bit odd for our rural North Dakota. One person was absent that day so I brought that one in a week later,” Grotte said.
Jeanine Uran welcomed the activity for her residents.

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