December 1, 2016

Long trek results in new business

By Edna Sailor
For most of us it would seem like a stretch from South Africa to New Town, but for Gregory Keates it is not. Keates just opened his new business, Buy and Cell in the mini mall on Main Street in New Town.
Consumers can expect to find Keates putting his electronics background and expertise to work in the community repairing cell phones, TVs, computers, laptops or anything electronic for that matter.
A second part of the business will involve buy sell and trade of electronics. The business will also buy and sell gold and silver. A familiar name in other businesses around town, Chris Karros is a partner in the Buy and Cell operation.
Keates is emphatic about what he does or does not have to offer the community.
“We are not a pawn shop as some people have suggested. I do not want to be in that kind of business and we do not think of ourselves like that,” Keates said.
Keates comes to his expertise through his training in the military of South Africa where he trained as an electronic engineer. Keates also holds Masters Degrees in electro mechanical and hydraulics. He is also Microsoft Certified.
“Eventually we will be set up like a Radio Shack but will just not be a Radio Shack. We will have a lot of electronics for sale here when we are completely set up,” Keates said. 

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