August 27, 2015

Look for the back door

By Jerry W. Kram

Shoppers at the businesses in phase two of the Main Street Project from Eagle Drive to Central Avenue will have to park behind those businesses starting next week.

Roger Watson of Marschuetz Construction said that work on the frontage road and sidewalks in front of those businesses will begin on Monday or Tuesday. Traffic will be closed off from the frontage roads for about two weeks, although there will be foot traffic access to the businesses’ front doors for a while. However, once work on the sidewalks starts, businesses will have to make arrangements for customers to enter through the back doors.

Watson said the frontage roads will be closed for two weeks as the company installs the curb and gutter and a valley gutter in the center of the frontage roads. After the concrete in the curbs and gutters cures for five or six days, the frontage roads will be covered with asphalt, along with the approaches on Thrird Street and Eagle Drive in phase one of the project.

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