February 1, 2018

Loving lutefisk at Lakeside

By Edna Sailor
You don’t have to be Norwegian to like lutefisk. That was evident at the recent lutefisk fundraiser at Lakeside Community Living Center.
There were heaping pans of the often maligned food, but it did not last long as hungry connoisseurs of the fish filled their plates and joined others at the tables. For those not so fond of lutefisk, meatballs and gravy were also on the menu. The lutefisk meal came with some other ethnic delights such as lefse and rommegrot, an ethnic pudding made with cream and flour.
But it was about more than the food. Visitors and residents both had a chance to visit and share memories. More than one story could be heard about the importance of lutefisk and its trimmings. Donna and Galen Schroeder grew up with the Norwegian tradition. Donna’s household was Norwegian and Galen’s mother was Norwegian and his Father was Swedish.
“Mother always made lutefisk on Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Galen Schroeder said.
Gordon Hilleran sat across the table and he nodded in agreement.

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