February 25, 2011

Lutheran Social Services takes preliminary look at New Town

Lutheran Social Services takes preliminary look at New Town
City Council briefly discusses location possibilities


Jessica Thomasson is encouraged that New Town’s City Council discussed possible locations for a Lutheran Social Services project at its meeting last Wednesday.
Thomasson, the director of LSS Housing in Fargo, said LSS is certainly interested in placing apartments and/or condo units in New Town but it is too early to talk about specifics.
It’s encouraging that it came up at city council and it wouldn’t take long to get a plan in place,” Thomasson said. “We hope to do a project in New Town, but we would lke to get the community on board before we proceed.”
Possible locations might be in an area that is east of the Northern Lights Community Center, which is southwest of the Elbowoods Healthcare Facility. The council discussed legal ownership of the property and city attorney Wade Enget will research whether the city owns the property or if the local development corporation owns the property. He told the council it is his early assumption that the city owns the property.
Until that is settled, LSS building here is expected to remain preliminary. But Thomasson remains optimistic that something can be worked out.
She said LSS officials have had some discussions regarding possible locations, but again, her priority is to get the community on board before pushing forward with a major housing project.

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