March 17, 2016

Mandaree women complete EMT training


By Edna Sailor

It doesn’t seem that long ago, that the community of Mandaree geared up to provide an ambulance service in an area that was seeing an increase of oil related traffic and injuries in addition to local emergencies.

Antoinette Kitagawa, the Chief Executive Officer of Precision Paramedic Services in Mandaree and Doctor Benji Kitagawa knew from the beginning that the best way to serve the community would be to train local people for the emergency operations in their own community. In the beginning Paramedics flew in from Colorado but the goal has always been to move toward local operation.

Now they have done that, or at least the Mandaree community is on its way to gaining local EMT responders. With the rigorous training completed, Josie Grady, Jessica Spotted Horse and Renae Seminole have been certified EMTs. Grady is also a Registered Nurse which adds additional competency levels to the Mandaree emergency team.

Together, the team is qualified to provide basic life support when called to emergencies.

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