August 15, 2012

Many vying for council slots

Many vying for council slots
By Jerry W. Kram

More than two dozen candidates have filed for three representative positions on the Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal Business Council.
A list released by council secretary V. Judy Brugh has 25 names of people seeking the slots currently held by Frank White Calfe, Arnie Strahs and Scott Eagle.
The race for the New Town/Little Shell Segment Representative drew the most attention with 13 candidates. Along with Eagle, Susan Hall, Lewis Kenneth Hall, Jay Standish, Curtis Wells, Verdell Smith, George Fast Dog, Delving Driver Jr., Titus Hall, Sharon Blake, Vance Gillette, Whitney M. Bell, and Dakota Heart will be on the Sept. 18 primary election ballot.
Five people are candidates for White Calfe’s seat as White Shield Segment Representative. They are Dewey Hosie, Bernard White, Frank M. Felix Sr., Martina Turner and Fred Fox. White Calfe was not on the list of announced candidates.

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