September 3, 2015

Meet the new New Town Schools faculty

The New Town News asked the new teachers at New Town High School and Edwin Loe Elementary School to give a short biography to introduce themselves to the community.

Jenny Harris

I am from the Philippines and grew up there. I graduated from my college at University of Celsu, took 6 units of Education Masteral at University of Visayas. I worked at Unix Industrial Corps as an office manager. I am a full time substitute teacher and a math teacher.

I would like to see my student’s success in different aspects, such as academic or extracurricular activities. I will guide them to succeed.

I am good in singing. I love to sing. My family loves to go out to visit friends. I love dogs. It’s like my own kid. But so sad my dog passed away last summer. Well in short I have a good and happy family.

Dedre Wheeler

I grew up in Illinois. I am the guidance counselor. My goals are to have students achieve all they want to in their lives. I have been bitten by a bear.

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