February 1, 2018

Meters, fire hall top items at city council

By Jerry W. Kram
The New Town City Council was thinking about water bills and fire protection at its meetings in January.
At the council’s regular January meeting, it passed on second reading an ordinance that will require water customers to have an increased deposit for water meters. The city is in the process of replacing meters that have to be electronically collected by by city workers to ones that are directly tied into the city’s computer network.
The new meters cost about $900 each, according to City Auditor Eileen Zaun. The new ordinance will require new water accounts to pay a $250 deposit before they can get water. The cold snap in early January also damaged about 50 of the new meters because they were not insulated or wrapped in heat tape properly by the account holder. The water meter ordinance will require residents to pay $225 for meters that have to be repaired and $900 for damaged meters that have to be replaced.

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