November 8, 2012

MHA member encourages natives to be sure to vote

MHA member encourages natives to be sure to vote
By Jerry W. Kram

Prairie Rose Seminole is a woman on a mission. She wants to make sure that every eligible Native American in North Dakota goes to the polls on election day.
Seminole lives in Fargo, but returned to the Fort Berthold Reservation to vote in Tuesday’s tribal election and work to get members of the Three Affiliated Tribes to vote. She is working for Native Vote North Dakota and the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party.
Seminole said Native Vote is actually two organizations. One group provides voter education while the other works on getting Native Americans to the polls. Seminole said the key to convincing people to vote in Indian Country is to build personal relationships with them. Native American communities have historically had low voter turnout, so it takes extra effort to increase their turnout.

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