August 30, 2018

MHA moves to boost home healthcare

By Edna Sailor
A stronger Home Health Care program is coming to Fort Berthold people according to Gabriell Petri, Director of the MHA Nation Home Health Care Agency. The movement to implement the service is driven by new and existing needs.
“People living in rural, tribal communities are confronted with limited access to care and Fort Berthold is unique with the geographical issues our community members face because of the river and lake dividing the reservation. This results in long drive times and limited in-home services that can be provided. It is important to increase access to health support agencies for the homebound and elderly, to allow people to live safely in their homes for as long as possible,” Petri said.
The program will be administered by the MHA Nation Home Health Care program which is a skilled nursing agency. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses carry out physician’s orders in the home for homebound residents. At this time, the agency is tribally administered and federally funded, so the agency provides services to homebound individuals from any federally recognized tribe according to Petri.

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