July 31, 2009

Miss Indian Nations judges Seminole pageant

Miss Indian Nations judges Seminole pageant
Alyssa Alberts got the chance of a lifetime last week when she became a judge in the prestigious Miss Seminole and Junior Miss Seminole pageants held in Hollywood, Fla.
Alberts, who is Miss Indian Nations, knew her year would be filled with excitement and events beyond her years, but this pageant could have been the pinnacle of her reign primarily because she was often judging people older than herself. Alberts is 17 and a 2009 graduate of New Town High School.
She said it was interesting to be a judge, especially for a tribe she knew so little about, whichmade her truly objective. Alberts often talked with the other judges and mingled with the contestants to get to know them better.
“Wanda Bowers, the committee chair, contacted me and asked me if I would be interested,” Alberts said. “It was three-day pageant that included interviews, public speaking, community dinners, traditional talent and more in-depth questions. They all had different talents and as judges not from there, we learned a lot.”

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