September 3, 2010

Missed opportunity or misunderstanding?

Missed opportunity or misunderstanding?
Colorado contractor still wants to do business here

Was it a misunderstanding or was it a missed opportunity for a Grand Junction, Colo., contractor.
Steve Casano told the New Town News and Mountrail County Record that he shipped road repair material and equipment to North Dakota at a cost of nearly $20,000 after he was given a verbal OK to bid a contract for a mile of Loop Road, south of New Town.
Unfortunately, the Mountrail County Commission renigged on bid letting, according to Casano, and now the materials are on their way back to Grand Junction.
Mountrail County Auditor Joan Hollekim confirmed the meeting with Casano in July but said the commission never authorized ordering of the materials. She said the commision considered bidding a Loop Road project but decided against it due to current budget constraints.
“They will be reconsidering bidding a project next spring,” Hollekim said.

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