December 31, 2010

Montana judge brings motivational message

Montana judge brings motivational message
Leroy Not Afraid destined to be a public servant


It’s been five years since Leroy Not Afraid traded in a rap sheet for a resume that will impress just about anybody. Now, he’s out spreading his message of hope, freedom and optimism.

Not Afraid, who has relatives in Mandaree, Twin Buttes and Elbowoods, grew upLeroy Sage in Lodge Grass, Mont., and now lives at Crow Agency. He was visiting family members and friends on the Fort Berthold Reservation ver the Christmas break.
In addition, Not Afraid was scheduled to be a guest speaker at Parshall High School’s New Year’s Eve lock in on Friday night.
For a man of less than 40 years, Not Afraid has a lot of worldly experience and is currently a justice of the peace for Big Horn County in Hardin, Mont. He is the first Native American elected justice of the peace in Montana’s history. He was elected senator for the Crow Nation Legislature, and was chairman of the board of trustees for the Lodge Grass Public Schools.
Not Afraid was appointed by two Montana governors, Martz and Schweitzer, to serve on the Montana Consensus Council and he also ran unsuccessfully for Montana’s lieutenant governor position in 1996 on the Democratic ticket.

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