December 18, 2009

New restaurant features North Dakota products

New restaurant features North Dakota products

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience on the prairie, the Bison Room in 4 Bears Casino and Lodge is now operating under the auspices of chef Bobby Rupert.
It is the second restaurant under Rupert’s management in the casino and has been open three weeks. Rupert also operates the Cache Restaurant, a buffet style restaurant in the casino that is adjacent to the Bison Room.
Much smaller than the Cache, the Bison Room seats 42 people, but the ambiance is one that would be found in metropolitan upscale restaurant. It has warm, soft lighting and it features a quiet atmosphere to enjoy a meal and/or a visit. The restaurant has a bit of a western flair.
“It’s a beautiful dining room with a quaint feel,” Rupert said. “It has a fireplace and white table cloths. There are fresh flowers on every table.”
The restaurant was decorated by Elaine’s Floral in New Town.
But it’s the beef that Rupert is touting more than anything. He calls the Bison Room “a fine steakhouse serving fine beef.”
One of the things that makes this restaurant unique, at least in North Dakota, is that it is serving as much local food as it possibly can, something Rupert is quick to point out. One of them is the beef.
The restaurant is serving Wagyu beef from the Dixon ranch near Mandan at every opportunity. Wagyu is an Australian breed that is somewhat smaller than Hereford or Angus, but has intense marbling to produce a high percentage of unsaturated fat.
Wagyu is known the world over for its flavor and contains higher percentages of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, fats that are good for the human body.
That’s only the beginning, according to Rupert.
The Bison Room serves caviar from Williston and local fruits and vegetables when they become available. Homemade breads and desserts are made daily in the restaurant.

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