February 4, 2016

New store marks a new start

By Jerry W. Kram

The Great Plains Indian Trading Company is the newest business on the Main Street of New Town. The store celebrated it grand opening last week and its success could mark the beginning of big things for the community.

Owner Ryan Wilson marked the event with ceremonies and prayers delivered by local elders and singers. He was joined by North Segment representative Ken Hall, West Segment Representative Randy Phelan and North Dakota Commissioner of Indian Affairs Scott Davis to inaugurate the business that sells authentic native jewelry, art, regalia and supplies for native artisans.

Wilson opened the store for the New Town Parade of Lights, but the grand opening marked a milestone for the fledgling business.

"We weren’t really ready then but we decided to go for it," Wilson said. "It was kind of scary because we only had $20 in our pocket. But now it is solvent and is catching on. We have come a long way in that brief time."

While Wilson prides himself on the quality and selection of the jewelry in the store, he also pleased to offer a wide range of supplies for area artisans as well as paintings, pottery, clothing, quilts and other native-produced products.

"We are thrilled to be offering supplies for beading," Wilson said. "The pottery is just exquisitely designed and produced in two regions of the country. We are proud to be the exclusive dearly of this Navajo and Pueblo pottery and Lakota Sioux pottery."

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