August 24, 2017

New teachers prepare for new year in New Town

By Jerry W. Kram
It is another new year for students of New Town Public Schools and their parents. It’s also a time for new teachers to introduce themselves to the community and the New Town News is proud to give them the opportunity for the public to get to know them better.
Beatrice Streitz,
Grades 5-12 Counselor
I grew up in Moorhead, Minn. I have been a Baby Dragon, An Edison Eagle, a Central Cougar, a Moorhead Spud and a grown up Dragon. I am currently a lower Cardinal. I’ve had many careers including singing opera for three years. I’ve been married and divorced. I have one daughter and nineteen children of my heart.
I’d like to see more students apply for scholarships. My idea is to have four or five scholarship nights for the students to attend to work on scholarship sites, essays and gathering recommendation letters. I would like to see more restorative justice (life skills) teaching our students how to handle conflict.
As a hobby I used to raise guinea pigs and sell the babies to pet stores.

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