October 6, 2016

New Town Ambulance Service completes three phase expansion

By Jerry W. Kram
It’s been a long expensive road but the New Town Ambulance Service has finally finished the expansion and renovation of its home.
Brandon Gosch, NTAS magager, said the $2.5 million project began in 2013. Because of the higher than expected construction costs, the project was broken up into three phases. The first phase was the addition of a four stall garage for the ambulances.
“We didn’t get enough money from our oil impact grant to do the expansion plus the renovation,” Gosch said. “So we had to break it down to three phases.”
The second phase of the project renovated the old two stall garage into an office and classroom. The final phase added living quarters for the ambulance staff. The service received a second oil impact grant for the renovation and spent $600,000 of its own money on the project. The City of New Town provided $50,000 worth of furnishings for the living quarters.

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