December 5, 2013

New Town boy to meet LaBron James

By Jerry W. Kram

Paul Staples wondered what was going on as a troop of people, including his family trooped into the gymnasium as basketball practice ended. The 16 year old freshman at New Town High School was about to find out that, sometimes, dreams do come true.
Chris Kubal, a volunteer for the Make a Wish Foundation who hails from Keene, was among the crowd and he came bearing some very exciting gifts for Staples. Chief among those was the new that on December 11, Paul and his family would be flying to Miami to see a NBA Basketball game between the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers and that Paul would get to meet his hero, LaBron James.
Staples had his first heart transplant when he was just four years old, said his mother Becky Staples. He had a double transplant in June of last year, receiving a new heart and kidney. Becky Staples said her son never wavered from his one wish.

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