March 26, 2020

New Town City Landfill costs to rise

By Jerry W. Kram

Having invested nearly $90,000 on upgrading its inert landfill, the New Town City Council wants to keep it in good operating condition. Part of the plan is to double the rates it charges the public to drop off waste at the site.
The city is currently working to get the landfill repermitted by the North Dakota Department of Health in order to dispose of lime sludge generated by the city water plant, Cal Oldenburg of AE2S, who is contracted by the city to oversee the water plant and landfill. A survey of the site conducted last year found that over the last 20 or more years, the landfill had been operated haphazardly at times, said Oldenburg. Construction debris, metal, appliances and furniture and other assorted waste were found in areas where they shouldn’t be.
“From now on we will be following EPA rules much more strictly,” Oldenburg said. “The Department of Health is happy the way the landfill is now. We want to keep it that way. 
The city spent $40,000 to start rem

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