June 24, 2011

New Town Council discusses possibility of city police force

New Town Council discusses possibility of city police force

The New Town City Council heard from Bureau of Indian Affairs Officer Dawn White and discussed possible solutions to an increase in traffic violations and other crimes in New Town at their regular meeting last Wednesday.
White reported “an issue with the Mountrail County Sheriff’s Department,” saying that a majority of calls come to the BIA police, but that their officers aren’t on the city’s contract, and that Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson refuses to allow that to change.
“I work with McLean County. I’m allowed to co-sign their citations,” said White. “Ken Halvorson will not allow us to do that.”
White mentioned problems with traffic, an increase in drug use and a rising number of burglaries. The council also discussed a number of other new issues affecting the city, including truck speeding and general presence in residential areas, a number of unregistered sex offenders in the area and the increased use of four-wheelers and other ATVs in town. The council payed special attention to speeding trucks on 5th St. and 7th St. and the possibility of making ordinances tougher so that it would be easier to resolve the issue. City Attorney Wade Enget said that the number of citations in 2009 was 413. “We’re on-track for 800 citations this year” he said.

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