April 12, 2018

New Town may pursue livability

By Jerry W. Kram
A small group of local leaders and business owners is exploring the idea of making New Town a more livable community.
Emily Brown and Alisa Dahl of U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development explained the Livable Community Pilot Program at a meeting in the New Town Civic Center. Brown explained that one community, Wimbledon in eastern North Dakota, had already gone through the program and that Parshall and Harvey were the next two pilot communities. Brown said if those programs go well, the program could be opened to all communities in the fall.
Brown said that people used to choose to move to a community primarily for work. However, today people are looking for more than just a job. Young people starting families are especially looking for someplace with amenities such good schools, recreation and other factors in “the good life.” She pointed out that Job Service North Dakota has 15,000 job listings but just a fraction of that number of resumes of people to fill those jobs.
“It is mportant to have quality of life so people want to live here,” Brown said. “Younger people are picking quality of life, amenities, schools and food over just a paycheck. Being a livable community helps retain jobs and youth, new investment and households. To grow you need to make people happy.”

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