February 2, 2017

New Town Middle School introduces Chess Club

By Edna Sailor
There is a new game in town at the New Town Middle School. It’s not one that has been played before, but if enthusiasm and interested students have anything to do with it we will be hearing a lot more about it in the future.
Camerilla Hunter is the instructor of the newly formed Chess Club and will be learning the game right along with her students.
“I am not an avid chess player. I am a beginner. I have played for fun off and on my adult life. I currently play with my own children and family. Some of the NT Chess Club members are already better than me,” Hunter said.
Hunter is undaunted by that fact and plans to press ahead with her learning goals for her students.
“I will teach the game by providing the basic vocabulary, etiquette, and rules. I provide one on one lessons, play time with other members, and computers to watch videos to learn other strategies,” she said.
You might wonder which students would be attracted to the Chess program.
“I have a wide variety including boys and girls, student athletes, honor students, students who aren’t in any sports, and some students who have never played before and just want something to do,” Hunter said.

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