March 30, 2012

New Town presents MHA Nation $600,000

New Town presents MHA Nation $600,000
By Jerry W. Kram

The money is already in the bank, but there was still time for a ceremonial check presentation at the most recent meeting of the MHA Nation tribal business council.
Mayor Dan Uran presented the check for $600,000 to the tribal council to develop the sewer and water infrastructure for the first phase of the Elbowoods development. The development will provide 55 homes for staff of the Elbowoods Memorial Clinic in New Town.
“The grant from the state will reimburse the tribe for clinic housing infrastructure north of the Northern Lights Building,” said James Foote, project manager for the clinic. “It took good communication between the tribe and the city to get this $600,000 grant. The Tribe already provided nearly $2 million for infrastructure, so they will be reimbursed for some of it.
”The money came from an Oil Impact Grant the city applied for on behalf of the tribe. The round of grants from the state was limited to municipalities and counties, so the tribe could not apply for the grant directly.

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