June 13, 2013

New Town School District considers daycare

New Town School District considers daycare
By Jerry W. Kram

New Town has many needs. Some of those needs interfere with meeting the community’s other needs.
One examples is housing. Many employers can find good potential employees, but the jobs go unfilled because those potential hires can’t find a place to live.
Another issue that keeps some people from filling the many open jobs is a lack of child care. That was on the agenda for the New Town School Board at its regular meeting on June 11. Superintendent Marc Bluestone told the board that four teachers will have children younger than 18 months when school starts again in August. Some teachers have to go as far as Plaza or Stanley to find daycare for their young children while they teach during the day.
“We had a teacher this year who had to drive all the way to Plaza every morning to drop her kid off for day care every morning, and then drive all the way back to teach,” Bluestone said. “That’s just ridiculous. It’s just not feasible for someone to be out on the road 30 miles one way just to drop their kid off.”

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