September 15, 2016

New Town Schools enrollment tops 950

By Edna Sailor
Enrollment in New Town Public Schools is way up this year.
According to Superintendent Mark Bluestone at the September school board meeting, school enrollment is up about seventy students from last year. The current number is 953. But Bluestone says that may not be a firm number and the final number may be higher.
“Honestly, we still have students enrolling. Those students are a couple weeks behind and it will be very difficult for them to catch up,” Bluestone said.
Situations vary for late enrollment. Some are from out of state and come from places where schools do not start until after Labor Day. Others simply did not want to start until after Labor Day according to Bluestone.
Bluestone reported that the Vocational Center was completed as of July 25 of this year. The bus barn at the elementary school is complete and the Bus Barns at the 10 acre property are mostly complete. Both still have some follow up items that need contractor attention.
Bluestone reported that all district teaching vacancies are now filled for the 2016-2017 school year with one exception. The Ag Instructor position has been offered but is not yet final.

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