August 2, 2012

New Town to examine day care options

New Town to examine day care options
By Jerry W. Kram

Many of New Town’s problems these days can be summed up as too many people and not enough places to put them. This even extends to our smallest residents, as the city has long had a shortage of day care providers.
According to New Town City Auditor Kayla Burnette, there are only two certified day care providers in the community, and one of those is part time. Both of those providers have all of their slots filled and long waiting lists.
Burnette is organizing a meeting with the Child Care Resource and Referral Program of Lutheran Social Services to identify people in the community who may be willing to become licensed day care providers. The meeting will be held in the city council chambers at the New Town City Hall at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, August 16.

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