July 6, 2017

New Town to start tree program


By Jerry W. Kram
Who speaks for trees?, asked the title character in Dr. Suess’ book the Lorax.
In New Town, it is city council member Thomas Nash. Nash is acting in an unpaid role as City Forester in an effort to improve the appearance and quality of life in New Town. He laid out a plan at a recent city council meeting to create a program to improve and replace old and dying trees in the city.
Nash told council members that he has submitted applications to the North Dakota Forest Service to create a forestry program for the city. The NDFS offers grants and training to reduce, remove and replace trees, especially green ash, that have been injured or killed by invasive insects and diseases.
Nash said he would like to use the site of the old city landfill as a tree nursery. He thinks that up to 400 trees could be grown on the property without disturbing the landfill. Nash said the North Dakota Extension Service offers tiny tree saplings for a dollar or two. He said it would be more affordable to grow those trees to a size where they can be transplanted in parks and boulevards. Larger trees can cost more than $100 each, according to Nash.

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