April 7, 2016

New Town will consider expanded liquor licenses


By Jerry W. Kram

At its next regular meeting on April 20, the New Town City Council will consider expanding the number of liquor licenses within city limits from seven to nine and add provisions to allow restaurant to serve alcohol as well.

The city council held a public hearing on Monday to get input from the public, but no one showed up. However, the council members did have an extensive conversation about the ordinance and did propose changes.

Under the current liquor ordinance, the city is limited seven general liquor licenses along with special licenses for seasonal businesses like the golf course and for hotels with more than 100 rooms, which is just Teddy’s Residential Suites at this time. The current general license holders are Players Pub, China Express, Sportsmens, Legion Club, Corner Liquor, Chances Are, and Jason’s Super Value.

Under the new ordinance, the general purpose licenses will be split into three categories. The number of licenses were determined by what current and proposed license owners are using at the present time. Two on-sale only licenses will be offered for establishments that only serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. Two licenses will be both on-sale and off-sale.

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