November 12, 2015

NTHS Veteran alumni sought for Honor Wall

By Edna Sailor

Marc Bluestone, Superintendent of New Town High School does not know exactly what the finished product will look like but he has a vision and does know it is important to honor the Veterans who graduated from his school.

"So far we have a temporary wall up with names and we are adding to it all the time. We have not selected a name yet for the wall, but that will come as we proceed," Bluestone said.

Bluestone noted that they are still in need of more names with good information.

"When we get the name of a veteran, we really do need the name and the branch of the service. We have about 15 names we are still trying to verify service for and it is hard if we do not get all of the information," he said.

Bluestone and his staff are still working through how those killed in action will be honored.

"We want to do more thinking about this." He said.

Information is key right now and Bluestone has found his project very interesting.



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