May 21, 2010

Off to China

Off to China
Local college students studying abroad
University of North Dakota students Lee Rensch of New Town and Remington Zacher of Parshall traveled to China last weekend for the start of a six-week class entitled ‘Intro to Business in China.’
A total of seven UND students are part of the trip, six males and one female along with two advisers. This is not the first class the local students have taken together as they are both enrolled in business and finance and they just finished a year-long class ‘China Then and Now.’
It takes a while to get to China. The students flew into Beijing but will not be staying there long. The group will travel throughout the country with the longest stay being in Shanghai for a two-week period. Their main focus of study will be on business and retail in China. They will check out businesses like Wal-Mart and Starbucks to see what is being done differently in China compared to the United States.
Zacher explained that MacDonald’s in considered a ‘fancy’ restaurant in China and it was the first franchise to have a drive-up window. It was so exciting to the Chinese that they would go through the drive-up window, park their car and then go inside MacDonald’s to eat.

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