March 14, 2013

Oil Companies unite to aid Boys and Girls Club

Oil Companies unite to aid Boys and Girls Club
By Jerry W. Kram

The Fort Berthold Boys and Girls Club maintains safe places for young people to do fun and educational activities in all six of the reservation’s segments. Often, the activities of the clubs involves long trips on the reservation to get to swimming pools or playing fields and even longer trips for activities like skating or visiting zoos and museums that aren’t available locally. The club doesn’t have enough vans to provide the needed transportation to every club, and the vans they have are sorely in need of repair.
Reba White Shirt took on this problem as one of the first things she addressed as resource development director for the club. She approached Lynn Welker of QEP Resources to see if the oil companies working the area would be willing to make a donation to help purchase new vans for the segment clubs.
“We saw pictures of one of the vans they are currently using,” Welker said. “It had cracked windows, snow inside it, and told us they were transporting about 1,700 kids to activities. So they needed 

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