August 9, 2018

Olivia has come home

By Edna Sailor
With drones and search equipment still in the room, the Lone Bear family gathered one last time at the site which became search headquarters for Olivia Lone Bear for more than nine months.
However, this time Bernadine Youngbird spoke on behalf of the Lone Bear family to tell everyone who supported their search that on August 1, the FBI officially confirmed to the family that an autopsy performed in Grand Forks definitively identified the recovered body from Lake Sakakawea as Olivia Keri Lone Bear.
The family offered their sincere appreciation for all the assistance they received over the nine month search for their beloved Olivia and express their gratitude for her return to the family.
“The Lone Bear family feels it is important to come together as a family to make our statement,” Youngbird said. “There have been so many calls and questions during this time. Many came from good people with sincere concerns about Olivia and about our family. However, there is other information out there on face book and other places that do not represent the family.”

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