March 20, 2009

One little penny makes one big difference

One little penny makes one big difference
In an incredible display of fund raising, students of Edwin Loe Elementary School in New Town collected more than $3,000 this year to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
The fund raiser, which is called Pennies for Patients, brought in $3,016.68 from Jan. 20 to Feb. 20 and included virtually all 360 students in the school in some capacity. According to assistant principal Peggy Herz, each one of the students donated various amounts of money and altogether, coins and dollars added up quickly.
“I am so proud of our students,” Herz said. “One student or one penny acting alone doesn’t accomplish much, but when we all team together, anything is possible. Our students and staff did a great job of giving selflessly to help children and other battling blood cancer.”
The top fund-raising class was Jackie Wollschlager’s class, followed by Ann Plisco’s class. Wollschlager’s students collected $528.38 and Plisco’s students gathered $516. Because of the effort, the students were rewarded with a pizza party and an awards ceremony.

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