August 29, 2019

Paintball battles leave a mark

By Logan J. Davis
The participants in the paintball battles that took place near the Johnny Bird Memorial Hall at Four Bears Segment last week were tending to some of their wounds the next day. Carmen Halvorson was one of the members of the Four Bears Segment team that placed second. Halvorson showed a massive bruise on her calf muscle that was an obviously painful wound.
“That’s not the only bruise I have on me. I have them all over my body and so do a lot of other people. But it was worth it because I was able to spend my winnings on my grandchildren. I just advise anyone to get good protective gear if they are going to compete in future paintball games. It’s a lot of fun and it makes me want to get healthier and in shape so I can move faster on the course,” said Halvorson.

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