January 1, 2010

Pastor stunned following 3 church burglaries

Pastor stunned following 3 church burglaries

Bethel Lutheran Church in New Town has apparently become a target of thieves as the church has sustained three burglaries in the past eight days.
In the latest entry, which happened sometime overnight Monday or into the early morning hours of Tuesday, a thief or thieves entered a northwest office window after breaking three long, thin windows. Glass could be seen scattered in the office and several items were strewn about.
In addition, an old safe in which historical records of the church were kept, was entered, presumbly in an attempt to find money, the thieve(s) scattered the record books on the office floor. They also took some other items from the safe, again presumably to find money as the “containers” were left on the office desk.
There didn’t appear to be any obvious damage to the record books, which date back to the 1800s from Bethel and previous churches.
A red, Dell, Studio laptop computer was stolen, along with a full bottle of wine and a jar of pennies that were in an adjacent room, according to church officials. It was the second full bottle of wine that had been taken, while a partial bottle was left behind.

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