December 10, 2010

Plaintiffs’ attorney makes bold statement

Plaintiffs’ attorney makes bold statement
Tribal transition controversy has three issues

An attorney representing numerous members of the Three Affiliated Tribes who say they were wrongfully terminated after the Nov. 2 election, made a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding the controversy that has brewed now for more than a month.
Roger Bird Bear said there are three issues to this controversy; illegal firings, election fraud and illegal installations. There are at least 107 people affected by this, according to Bird Bear, perhaps up to 125.
In addition, a lawsuit was filed against new tribal chairman Tex Hall and others in district court in New Town Nov. 12 for $10.7 million seeking $100,000 for each of the “wrongfully terminated” employees.
In his statement Wednesday quoting tribal resolutions under the constitution and bylaws of the Three Affiliated Tribes, Bird Bear said the wrongfully-fired employees were never given their rights.

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