July 1, 2011

Pool closed for summer

Pool closed for summer

Jim Miller is a man with some bad news. As the New Town pool manager, Miller is forced to tell several bright, shiny faces each day that their dreams of a wet and wild summer will not come true.
Due to damage that was deemed unrepairable at this point, Miller was forced to make the decision earlier this month that the New Town public pool will not be open this summer.
With all the moisture the area has received, some of the wetness seeped underneath the deck and lifted up the structure creating a dangerous crack in the pool’s patio earlier this month. Originally Miller had hoped that the spot would dry up and he could fix the problem to open the pool by June 13.
The crack appeared overnight as Miller was down working at the pool a couple weeks ago and then came back to finish the job the next morning and found the crack in the foundation. After Miller and his crew worked to get the pool ready a second time, they found out the the crack increased in size, again overnight, and since then has not gone down.
“It rose like 18 inches more after we had it down,” Miller said. “When I took the cap off where the water comes in the pool, the ground broke away I can’t even tell you how much. I have a pretty long arm and I couldn’t reach the bottom.”
The year before the dirt had been three to four inches from the top so the shift and collapse was sizable.

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