September 4, 2014

Powwow kicks off school year

By Jerry W. Kram

The MHA Education Department likes to get the school year started with a bang.

The Little Shell Powwow Grounds was the host to the Third Annual MHA Education Department Celebration and Powwow. Department Director Damon Brady said it is an opportunity to show the youth of the reservation how valued education is and also a chance to get to know their teachers outside of the classroom.

Teachers from New Town, Mandaree and White Shield were honored during the Grand Entry. In a role reversal, they were then judged by their students in a trick dance, where the drums stopped repeatedly and any dancer who didn’t have both feet on the ground was eliminated.

"Our students often never see their teachers outside of the classroom," Brady said. "We want them to dance together, socialize and have that camaraderie. I am really glad to see so many teachers here dressed up in their school colors. That’s really nice."

The rest of the evening was devoted to dances that mostly showcased the younger dancers of the reservation. The Education Department also held drawings for iPads and other electronic gadgets for the students.

"The purpose of the powwow is to promote education and let our students know we appreciate their efforts in the classroom, in the world of sports, and we want to acknowledge them," Brady said. "We want them to know that this is really important. We want them to continue their education and better themselves in the classroom."

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