September 12, 2008

Rain falls in region

Rain falls in region
People have been waiting a long time for a good, three-day soaker and it came last week in the form of heavy rain, drizzle, light rain and finally, more heavy rain.
Unofficial reports suggest 1.70 inches of precipitation in New Town during the first week of September, including just under an inch on Thursday.
It was the greatest precipitation total in months and although it stopped small grains harvest in its tracks, most producers were happy to get the rain. Construction was also halted by the inclement weather.
Mountrail County Extension agent Jim Hennessy said the rain is going to begin to deteriorate an already poor crop of wheat and durum that remains standing. Because of drought, some yields were as low as 12 bushels per acre or less and the fear is bleached grain will cut cash prices to unprecedented low levels.
“First of all the rain is going to slow harvest and start to bleach out the durum and the wheat,” he said. “Second of all, the prolonged rains will drop the quality of the crops.”
On a positive note, the liberal amount of rain is going to replenish native grasses and pastureland for next year’s ranching. Hennessy said he doubts there will be enough to refill livestock dugouts, as that will most likely depend on snowpack, but the rain will restore nutrients lost during the drought.
Many livestock producers have resorted to hauling and piping water to their cattle since numerous stock ponds have dried up. Other producers have sold off their herds to minimize the expense.

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