November 30, 2017

Red Fox wins oratory competition

By Edna Sailor
Redaya Red Fox is on her way to the American Legion District Oratory Contest.
Out of a field of 14 New Town High School three contenders were chosen for their winning selections. The contest is based on the United States Constitution. Red Fox took first place. Sam Dumont placed second and Hope Froshaug garnered third place. Each winner received a monetary award for their efforts. $300 was awarded for first place, $200 for second and $100 for third place. Only first place winner advances to the District Competition.
Student competitors volunteered from the NTHS Problems of Democracy Classes taught by Kelley Jewel and John Gartner. Instructors assisted students with choice of topics about the US Constitution, writing of the speech and practice in advance of the contest performance.
New Town Police Department School Resource Officer Cody Hibbard, American Legion representative William Wilber and Kelly McGrady judged the event.

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