July 14, 2016

Ride will mark Hidatsa history


For the Hidatsa, it was their own Trail of Tears.

In 1894, the last band of free living Hidatsa were gathered at Fort Union, near the confl uence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers where they agreed

to return to the Fort Berthold Reservation. Th e Hoshgaa (also spelled Hoska or xo’shga) were marched down the Missouri, some of them in shackles, for nearly 100 miles. Many elders and babies died on the march, said Benjamin Goodbird III.

Goodbird is one of the organizers of a memorial ride to commemorate the march of the Hoshgaa planned for August 7-9. Th e organizers meet at Nueta

Hidatsa Sahnish College Culture Room every Tuesday at 6 p.m. and welcome anyone interested in participating in the ride to join them.

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