February 2, 2017

Roaming dogs are alarming neighbors

By Jerry W. Kram
A group of dogs is terrorizing a neighborhood in New Town.
Brad King and Didre White were coming home with their five year old daughter on a recent evening and found a gruesome scene on their back porch. Four or five strange dogs were in their back yard and their cat was dead on the porch.
“We went to a birthday party Sunday night about six,” King said. “We got back around eight, and we came to our house from the back. We saw the dogs flee the back yard towards the front of the house. We get up there and our cat has been killed and freshly mauled. And there we were with our five year old daughter who had to see that.”
While King took care of the situation on the back porch, White went to see if the dogs were still in the area. She got a chilling reception.
“The dogs were in the street, so I started calling for Brad,” White said. “From the moment I called his name the dogs turned their attention to me. The came back in the yard and started barking at me. I took a step off the front porch and the started coming towards me. They seemed aggressive and didn’t have any fear of me at all. I was fearful and went back inside.”

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