May 29, 2009

RTC CEO meets with New Town City Council

RTC CEO meets with New Town City Council
Royce Aslakson, the CEO of Reservation Telephone Cooperative, met with the New Town City Council last Wednesday to talk about three items including the application for federal stimulus money to bring broadband Internet to the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Aslakson said RTC is in the process of applying for funds that will provide fiber-optic cable to homes which will dramatically increase the speed that the Internet works. To that end, he asked the council for a letter of support that can be added to the application.
According to Aslakson, a typical dial-up connection is about 1 megabite whereas a high-speed connection will deliver 6 megabites. He said in five years, 80 to 100 megabites will be the norm and the fiber-optic cable will be able to deliver that kind of service.
“It’s 100 times faster,” he said. “That’s where technology is leading us.”
The council didn’t hesitate to endorse RTC’s application and passed it unanimously.
“I know, it’s a hassle to to dig, but this will be a benefit in the home,” Aslakson said. “I appreciate the support. This is huge.”

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