June 29, 2017

RTC meeting mixes fun and business

By Edna Sailor
It’s for the door prizes, for the food, for the $25 credit. Folks might say that’s why they attend the Annual Reservation Telephone meeting. And those things might be true also, but then they get serious.
The obvious fact is that Reservation Telephone officials and employees enjoy holding their annual meeting. Reservation Telephone Coop members enjoy attending it. 2017 marks the 66th year of the event. It was held at the 4 Bears Event Center in New Town.
For Edward and Idamae Hauf from Max their attendance was surely about more than the meatball dinner which they also enjoyed.
“We always like to come to see what business is happening and get all the updates that are coming. We think it is important for us as members to do that and keep up with everything they do for us. It is a nice coop and they treat us well,” I Hauf said.
But that wasn’t all for the Max couple. They brought a good friend, Rita Semchenko, with them and she was celebrating her birthday at the event.

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