October 11, 2012

School addition close to finish

School addition close to finish
Classrooms to start moving Monday
By Jerry W. Kram

The wait is nearly over. Starting Monday, students, faculty and staff will start moving from the old middle school to the new school addition that has been under construction all summer. The announcement was made at the New Town School Board meeting Tuesday.
“That’s what the plan is,” said School District Marc Bluestone. “We’re very optimistic that we will start moving Monday the 15th. Everybody is very excited about getting in there.”
The big move will be a cooperative effort, Bluestone said. Students, staff and faculty will help gather books, desks and other equipment and move it from the current classrooms to the new addition.
“After the heavy lifting is done, we will ask all the students who are physically capable to assist us with that,” Bluestone said. “We thing the older students will be able to help with it anyway. We’ll be moving basically furniture, books … basically anything you would find in a classroom.”
Bluestone said the school has dollies and pallet jacks to help move the heavier pieces.

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