May 1, 2009

School board discusses staff payroll mistakes

School board discusses staff payroll mistakes
During a special meeting of the Parshall School Board Tuesday evening, business manager Bernie Jorgenson attempted to explain how numerous errors in payroll were discovered during an audit that covered a four-year period beginning in 2005.
Jorgenson was absent during the board’s regular meeting held April 14, thus a discussion on a compliance audit of retirement salaries reported to the Teachers’ Fund for Retirement was tabled until Tuesday.
According to Jorgenson, a computer software program used to do payroll sometimes removes TFFR and sometimes doesn’t. She told the board, and approximately 20 teachers attending the meeting, that she talked with those who created the software program who insisted the errors were made either through a computer hard drive or made manually.
“They said it (paycode) has to be manually removed,” Jorgenson said of the eight findings as reported by the North Dakota Retirement and Investment Office. “A pay code has to be changed.”

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