January 12, 2017

School board has quiet meeting

By Jerry W. Kram
There was little controversy on the latest agenda of the New Town School Board. Most of the discussion centered on activities in the various schools and the impacts of legislation being consdiered in Bismarck.
Elementary Principal Rick Lindblad, Middle School Principal Andrew DeCouteau and High School Principal John Gartner all reported that December was a busy month for students, except for those events that where postponed because of inclement weather. In fact, the administrators were excused from the meeting early so they could keep an eye on halls during the High School Christmas Concert that had been postponed from last month.
Lindblad and DeCoteau both talked about the upcoming state Science Fair being held Monday in Bismarck. A dozen elementary students and several middle school students won a place in the state contest. Middle school students also assisted the High School students collect food and money for Christmas food baskets that were distributed last month. DeCoteau also highlighted the Middle School Formal Dance that he was well attended.

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