June 17, 2011

School board highlights attendance, disciplinary issues, building projects

School board highlights attendance, disciplinary issues, building projects

The New Town School Board heard end-of-the year reports from its three principals and updates on its building projects, including a report from Dan Uran that $9,957,987.67 has been transferred from the general fund to the building fund so that work can begin on the new high school. Groundbreaking on the new high school was set for this week.
Peggy Herz, Edwin Loe Elementary School principal, reported that the Super Saturday program, which allows kids to make up absences on the weekend with classes focusing on math, reading and social skills, was a success this year. Super Saturday class attendance averaged five to seven students. Herz said that improving attendance and student behavior are big goals the school has for next year.
John Gartner, New Town Middle School Principal, also reported room for improvement in the areas of behavior and attendance. Student attendance at the middle school was an average of 88 percent. Saturday Academy, the Middle and High School’s equivalent to Super Saturday, went well, though no official numbers are available yet. Gartner said that teacher attendance was also an area on which the school could improve, noting that though a percentage wasn’t available yet, he believed that “the students are going to beat the teachers percentage-wise” for attendance.

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